Messy Trails

2 Corinthians 5:17
 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!

My darling Eli leaves a trail behind wherever he goes… it can be clothes, trash, food, toys or anything really.  He always  manages to leave  a mess of some sort. At church this morning it was a trail of offering envelopes left behind in the pew.  He opened three of them, attempted to make paper air planes and then crash landed them all onto the floor.

You can always tell when Eli has been somewhere.

There is always that trail. That same messy trail.

Eli isn’t the only person who leaves behind messy trails. As humans, we are all guilty of messy trails.  Whether it’s with our words or with our behavior, we can look in our rear view and see all sorts of chaos that we have helped to create.

While Eli is my true master of messiness, he does manage to also leave behind plenty of non-messy things along the way. He fills our days with lots of hugs and kisses, plenty of funny dance moves and countless kind gestures. We can’t help but be so frustrated with the mess when it’s wrapped up in so much love.

Jesus loved plenty of people who left behind some huge gigantic messes. They were sinners who came to be redeemed. They turned their messes into masterpieces.

Jesus knows we are all imperfect. He sees our messes. Every single one of them. Yet, he yearns for us to make theses messes into masterpieces. To take what we have left behind and wrap it up with love. To be easy with our words, to fix our past behaviors, and to love with all that we can.

He yearns for us to truly be in Christ. Cleaning up our past messes and trying our best when a new mess comes along.

Now as cute and as sweet as he is, Eli still needs to pick up his own messes.  The empty Capri Sun containers and the Goldfish crumbs are certainly not making my home look like a masterpiece anytime soon.

I don’t care how many kisses he gives me.


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