When The Music Starts To Fade

I love my morning drives to work. I crank up my music and praise Him as loud as I can, ready to start my day. I have hundreds of songs on my IPhone but I also enjoy listening to a certain Christian radio station every morning. Their songs get me motivated to make it through my day with him. They give me hope and motivation that with Him, I can conquer it all. Recently I have noticed a funny thing starts to happen to my radio the closer I get to work. It starts fading out. The music is replaced with static and I can’t sing along with the words anymore. I get frustrated and sometimes switch to another non Christian channel annoyed that my morning praise session is being interrupted by bad reception.

Another thing also starts to happen the closer I get to work. I start to get a little further away from Him. One moment I am singing his name, feeling as close as ever to His presence and the next second I am concerned about who might hear me in the parking lot. One moment I can feel Him by my side and the next moment I am worrying about a certain teacher’s attitude or lessons I have not planned yet.

It’s not just the static on the radio that is interrupting my walk with Him. It’s the static of this world. During the day my walk with Him is interrupted constantly. So much sometimes that I feel like He has slipped away for a while and won’t return until I am home, in bed and ready to speak to Him again.

Dear Paige, His presence is by your side always. He is always there and has not slipped away. You just need to sift through the other radio channels and set your dial squarely on Him. His song is always playing, even through the static. You just need to be still and listen to it.

Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.

Colossians 3:2


He Covers Me

I have never been able to sleep without the covers. Even if it was 100 degrees in my room, I would still need the protection of my covers to go to sleep soundly. At 34 years old, the covers provide comfort to me and keep me safe. My boys are the same way. They need their covers and their security animals and blankies on top of them to sleep soundly at night. Eli’s “wuvie wuv” blankie is only as big an 8×10 picture frame but he still puts it over him before bedtime.

I want to teach my boys (and myself) that even without the blankets, and the animal friends and the “wuvie wuvs” we are still covered. We are covered by His love all of the time. Technically we don’t need anything but His love. When He covers you, he covers you completely. Your mind, body and soul are protected from everything else. And guess what? His cover is a shield, not a flimsy blanket. Nothing can break through it or pierce it.

Dear Paige, remember that when you are scared, when you are worried, when you are broken. Remember that when you are doubtful, when you are ashamed, when you don’t feel worthy. He covers you always. You just need to trust in his faithfulness. He’s got this.

He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.

Psalm 91.4

From “OMG” to “Amen”

Dear Paige,

Remember that morning when you forgot you scheduled a meeting with two parents and turned into Jeff Gordon on the highway? You yelled, you sped, you cut people off. Actually, Jeff Gordon is probably much less aggressive than you were that morning.

Remember that day you locked your husband’s keys in his truck in the middle of his grandmother’s funeral? And it was running? And it was 98 degrees outside?

Remember that time you were checking your phone at a stop sign and almost hit that cyclist? You exchanged some not nice words to each other? Oh and your kids were in the car too? That was a delightful Mom of the Year moment.

We all have these times, sometimes several in a day, shoot sometimes several times an hour. Or we can go through a week of pleasant and then get bombarded with a serious of little land mine explosions that shake up your relatively peaceful existence. When “stuff” happens, I struggle with remembering the bigger picture and at that moment my “Oh My Gosh” moment becomes an “Oh It’s All About Me” moment.

Dear Paige- Guess what? It’s not all about you. Ever. Really. In the moment, when your heart is beating fast and people are looking at you or judging you and you feel completely inadequate as an employee, as a mother, as a wife, as a Christian, it can be hard to remember that. But it’s true.

It’s about Him. Always.

MY “OMG/Oh It’s All About Me Moments” need to become my “Amen” moments.

Amen translated from Greek means “Truth.” When you say “amen” after someone else has spoken, you are confirming that what they just said is absolutely true or you are in agreement with what has just been spoken.

When you say “amen” at the end of a prayer, you are, in a sense, reaffirming your commitment to Jesus Christ every time you say it.

So when life is going a hundred miles an hour. When you feel like you are drowning in a sea of stress and anxiety, turn your OMG/OIAAM moments into “Amen Moments.” Use these experiences to acknowledge your dedication to Him. Thank him for the ups and downs of life. The road is bumpy and full of twists and turns. We need to remember in every moment that it’s all for His greater purpose.

1. Slow down on the highway Paige. Your conference will have to wait. The parents might think you are a little scatterbrained but I think they would rather you drive the speed limit than 20 miles over it. Thank you Lord for having a job to go to every morning. Oh and thank you for making those parents late to the conference so that when you pull into the parking lot, they are just pulling in as well. Your hair looks like a bird’s nest but you made it. Amen.

2. Thank you Jesus for providing the fireman who happened to be stationed next door to the funeral home. They opened my husband’s truck for free and in two minutes. Amen.

3. I didn’t hit the cyclist. A million Thank you’s for that one Lord. Super Big Amen.

The promises of God are Amen; i.e., they are all true and sure ( 2 Corinthians 1:20 ).