Fire Alarms

“Wash away all my inequity and cleanse me from my sin” Psalm 51.2

Sometimes, when I’m walking past a fire alarm, I really want to pull it. Seriously, I do. It’s like it’s calling my name “Paige, Paige, come here.” Taunting me as I stroll by, tempting me with its shininess and untouchableness.

I have no real valid, legitimate reason for wanting to pull it. I really don’t. I don’t want the day to stop for people who are working. I don’t want people to be scared or worried.

I simply want to pull the fire alarm because I’m not supposed to do it

Am I crazy or what?

And maybe I am a little weird but I do think many of us suffer from the same problem. We might not be running around wanting to pull fire alarms but we all have some type of sin or temptation in our lives that we do (or think about doing) simply because we aren’t supposed to do it.

We can be like that  child who is told not to eat a huge plate of cookies and then his mother leaves him alone.  Hmmm.. those  cookies look pretty good.  I’m not really hungry but Mom told me not to eat them so they must be delicious. It won’t hurt to just eat one little cookie right?

Satan is a sneaky little character isn’t he? He likes to tempt. Likes to dangle things right in front of you that don’t seem so bad

The next thing you know your mouth is covered with crumbs and you have a massive tummy ache.

On top of being ashamed.

And in trouble.

But just like your mama still loves you after you have eaten all of those cookies, Jesus still loves you too.

He will wipe those crumbs away. Better yet, the next time you come across a plate of untouchable cookies, He will help you stay away from them altogether.

We just have to be willing to let Jesus in.  We have to open our hearts and souls to Him and stop letting the Devil tempt us with the cookies and the fire alarms and all the ways of this crazy messed up world.

We have to push that  plate away and make room for something far more satisfying and rewarding- a relationship with Jesus Christ.

After all, He is way better than gaining five pounds from eating a plate of cookies

(Or possibly losing my job for pulling the fire alarm.)

He is a million gazillion warm chocolate chip cookies.

And then some.



2 thoughts on “Fire Alarms

  1. So many ways the devil temps, he gets me where he knows he can….it’s a struggle daily to live for Christ, but I try and that is pleasing to God.


  2. just remember, Satan only temps those who are children of God. The rest are not his concern, because he has them right where he wants them. All people are either entering the small gate or the wide gate.Heaven called or Hell bound


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