Proverbs 8:17 “I love those who love me, and those who seek me diligently find me.”

Today, I woke up to one of those lovely mornings when I couldn’t find anything that I needed. My shirt, my coffee creamer, my shoes- it seemed like every time I turned around, I was missing something. I ended up leaving the house late and I started my day off in a less than stellar mood.

I did manage to come to a realization in my moment of chaos. As I rummaged through my fridge, saying some not so nice words about my husband (I was certain he had hidden the creamer from me on purpose) I realized that before I started walking with Jesus, my entire life seemed to be an endless morning of not being able to find the coffee creamer.

I was always looking for something. I was always searching for something. It was always in the wrong place. It was never where I thought it would be.

The spot right next to Jesus, where I can be held carefully in His arms, wrapped up in His sovereign protection, is the best place I have ever found.

I no longer need to search for or find any other kind of happiness. I am content with just Him. My heart is joyful and it is at peace.

He is truly all I will ever need.

Well Him and just a little bit of creamer in my coffee.






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