Roller Skating

Psalm 145:14  The LORD upholds all who fall and lifts up all who are bowed down.

Eli and I went roller skating yesterday. It was my niece Angelina’s 10th birthday and that’s how she wanted to celebrate her day. So after a lunch at Friendly’s (woohoo patty melt), we all headed over to Chester’s favorite skating spot.

Now I am not a master of many things, (unless you count being an excellent Netflix watcher, a relatively fast typer, and a fairly good reader) but I can skate. I’m not winning any races, but I can go pretty fast on a pair of skates without looking like a complete hot mess. And I was doing my thing yesterday at good old Chester Skateland. In fact it was all good until the Hokey Pokey. I got just a little too cocky and spun around way too fast. I didn’t fall, but I came pretty close to biting the dust for sure.

Most of the time we sail through life on our skates. We go through our days, our routines, our lives, dodging and weaving problems and pitfalls without falling. We may narrowly miss tripping over a leg from a sprawled out kid in front of us, or stumble going around a turn too fast, but we still remain up; still remain standing.

But then there are those times when we do fall. We trip and fall flat on our faces, completely taken aback.  Or someone holding onto us drags us down onto the rock hard floor alongside them.

Or we cause our own crashes, not paying attention to the warning signs up ahead. We get arrogant and try and take a turn way too fast, not realizing that we aren’t ready for that move quite yet.

My five year old nephew Andrew can’t skate at all. As soon as he stands up on a pair of skates he falls flat on his face. It’s a constant struggle for him to get around the rink. He needs lots of help and constant support.

Sometimes we are like Andrew too. When we can’t get up at all. When life just keeps knocking us down over and over again. Or we get completely and utterly blindsided and think there is no way we will ever be able to stand up on our own again.

It’s in those moments after I have taken a pretty bad hit or stumble, those moments when I feel most alone, that I remember I am not on own. I don’t have to do it by myself because God is always right there beside me. He is there when I am sailing fast around those corners confidently, without a fear in sight.

And He was there when I had the wind completely knocked out of me, unable to even move because the pain hurt so much.

We don’t have to rely on just ourselves to stand back up. We always have someone to help pick us up off of that cold, hard floor. To carry us even when we can’t move at all.

He’s there. When we are up and when we are down. When we are sailing and when we are crumbling.

Reminding us always that we are never alone.


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