Looking Both Ways

Matthew 6:33 But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.

Eli never (and I mean never) looks both ways when he leaves our driveway on his bike. He flies off so fast that there is no time for pausing. No time to turn his head. Nope, he bulldozes straight ahead. His mind on other things and not worrying about his own safety.

I really hope he doesn’t get hit by a car. I don’t know how many times I can tell him that or how many different ways. He is headstrong. He is stubborn. And he thinks he’s invisible. He is about to be bikeless if he does it again. Although, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t look both ways when he’s walking or running out of our driveway either. Unfortunately, I can’t remove his legs.

How many times in our own lives do we forget to look both ways? How many times do we bulldoze straight ahead, without stopping to pause and reflect on what is truly best for us? And then, even when we do look both ways, what way do we usually end up choosing? Are we choosing the ways of this world? Or are we choosing the ways of our Lord?

We are headstrong. We are stubborn. We are selfish. Often times, the right way, the way God has planned for us, just looks too hard. We go ahead on our own path, or we look towards the world and decide to do it their way.

Matthew tells us to always seek God first. Not the other way and not our own way.

Stop bulldozing ahead in life without stopping to seek Him first.

Instead, take a moment to pause and look both ways, knowing that you will always choose the right way.

Because His way is always going to keep us safe.






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