Mark 4:39 And He got up and rebuked the wind and said to the sea, “Hush, be still.” And the wind died down and it became perfectly calm.

Eli starts to shake the moment he hears a clap of thunder. My big nine year old suddenly becomes a little boy again. I can see the fear in his face as he makes his way to his “safe spot” (otherwise known as Mom and Dad’s bed) and hides his tiny face beneath the covers, hoping and praying that God will keep him safe.

And he’s not just worrying during the storm. It’s started to take over the other parts of his day. In this last stormy month, he has started to constantly check the weather on my phone, while also asking me throughout the day when the next storm is coming. Maybe he thinks he will feel better if he knows. That he can now somehow be prepared and stomp out the fear because he knows when it will arrive.

Yet, when those storms come, he’s still the same little kid. Buried under the blankets until it passes by.

Sometimes we  try and prepare for the  upcoming storms in our lives. Thinking that being ready will help us cope with them better. We work through every scenario and every twist and turn.We plan and we plan and we plan some more.

We think we can control the outcome. We think we can change the direction.

Yet, when the storm comes, we still end up beneath the covers.

Praying to Jesus to make it stop.

There is only one person who can calm the storms in our lives no matter how  prepared we think we are. No matter how much we think we can control the outcome. Jesus is the only one that can cause the rain to cease. The only one who can cause the wind to be still.

But what is also so magnificent about Jesus is that He’s not just for when we find ourselves underneath the blankets; scared and afraid. He’s there for us even before that.  Before the very first rain drop begins to fall.  Before the first flash of lightening lights up the sky.

Waiting and ready.

Giving it all to Him, before the first sound of thunder, is what He yearns for us to do.


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