*I wrote this post a few months back for my wonderful Apples of Gold ladies at church. Wanted to repost  since it’s my anniversary 🙂 *

Marriage is a lot like an eclair cake isn’t it? Full of many different layers, some hard, some soft, some sweet, and some definitely mushy. We want it to be like the perfect dessert it appears to be on the outside. However,as we all know, it’s not always that easy.

The biggest mistake many couples make when they join together as man and wife is thinking that their marriage, in fact, only involves a man and a wife. They forget about who their first love should be.

They forget about Jesus Christ.

All too often, we put other things before Him. Many times, especially in the honeymoon phases of our marriages, our husbands enjoy the first place spot. They can sit here nice and pretty until our children come along, and then our poor guys get bumped down a notch, while we completely devote our lives to our little ones.

But, when we put Christ first, our marriages are instantly enhanced.Husbands should still sit tight in that number two spot, but now number two becomes a winning place to be in. Our children, as much as we cherish and adore those little faces, should always come in at number three.

Marriage is full of many hard layers. There are times when you want to just give up and walk away. Times when you don’t know how you are ever going to get past the hardships. Just remember, when the layers get too hard, call on Jesus. When everything gets mushed around and you don’t know where to turn, call on Jesus.

And, as a sweet friend once reminded me, take care of those sweet and soft layers too. Layers filled with love. Layers that include being kind to your husband, biting your tongue when you must. Layers filled with building him up, telling him how proud you are of him. Layers that say “Don’t go to bed angry” and “I am so thankful for all that you do for our family.” These layers, the sweet ones, can even make the hard ones soften up. They can make the difficulties we will encounter seem much more bearable.

Life is much sweeter when He is our number one. Love Him first and watch how that love filters down to your Number two guy.

Second place will be just fine with him.


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