Muddy Shoes

When my boys were younger, one of their favorite books was this adorable, silly book called Pete the Cat. In the story, Pete, gets a brand new pair of shiny white tennis shoes and can’t wait to show them off. He flaunts around singing about his new shoes and is just as happy as can be. Life is just grand. But then Pete steps in a pile of strawberries and his beautiful white shoes turn red. While some would say they are ruined, Pete decides to take a different outlook. So what does he do? Well, instead of singing about his super cool white shoes, he decides to now sing about his awesome new red shoes. And when it happens a few more times, Pete keeps on singing about every other new color too. Pete doesn’t let the strawberries, or even the mud he later steps in, get him down. He’s going to embrace his new shoes, whatever color they are, regardless of whatever kind of mess he’s stepped in, and keep on walking and singing anyway.

When I began my walk, I noticed  things in my life that once had such great importance and held such great meaning, just weren’t as big of a deal anymore.  Your priorities shift when you have the Holy Spirit living inside of you. You now look at the world  differently. and it’s so much brighter and clearer than before. So while I still do step in the mud quite a bit, the joy I have in my heart allows me to keep on singing anyway.

The world is so beautiful when you begin looking at it through the eyes of Jesus Christ.

Muddy shoes and all.


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