He’s Everywhere

I am not allowed to share Jesus with my students in the public schools.  We can’t really speak about Him for fear of reprimand or even the threat of losing our jobs. Sometimes I feel badly even talking about Him to coworkers because, as I’ve heard time and time before, there is no need for religion in a public school.

Yet, it’s testing season and  I know Jesus’s name is being spoken throughout  schools everywhere. It’s a faintly sound, whispered by sweet souls before they start their tests, hoping and praying that He will be with them throughout, calming their precious nerves and easing their fears.

But even if Jesus’s name is not spoken loudly, and only through the soft murmurings or in the heads of children who know Him, He is still in the school. His presence is felt throughout it. During testing season and beyond.

He’s in the sacrifices of our teachers, as they selflessly serve their students every single day. He’s in the lunches they buy for their kids who forget their own, the warm smiles that greet them every morning, the long hours spent grading papers, and the sleepless nights  spent worrying about each and every one of them.

He is in the kindness of  students who can’t ever give enough hugs, enough love, enough praise. Students whose eyes light up every time they see their favorite teacher. Students who write sticky notes and make banners that encourage each other to do well. Students who yell “Good luck” to a nervous friend as he prepares to take his test.

Encouragement. Kindness. Sacrifice. It’s all Jesus. He’s everywhere.

Even when we think He’s not allowed to be.



2 thoughts on “He’s Everywhere

  1. It’s funny…humans think they can keep Jesus out of the very world He created…the humans He created try to snuff Him out…it’s all in vain, HE LIVES!


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