Psalm 119:60 I hasten and do not delay to keep your commandments.  

My kids avoid bedtime like its the plague. They fight it every single night as if bedtime is suddenly some huge surprise for them.  They whine. They moan.  I nag. They whine and moan some more. 
I think it’s natural for humans to delay doing things that seem tedious or mundane.  We might not whine and groan (ok we do sometimes) but we can come up with all sorts of excuses to avoid doing them.  Take my laundry pile for instance.  I will let my folded clothes sit and sit all weekend long.  The sight of the piles will annoy me to no end but- I still end up waiting until the last possible minute to put them away.  

You know who just loves loves loves when we delay things? The devil. He takes such great joy when we put off life’s tasks.    

And I’m not talking about the laundry.  

Satan wants us to put off doing the things that glorify Jesus. Whether it’s getting up early to pray with Him, neglecting your bible reading time or even going to church, he delights in all of it. 

I used to be one of those people.  I could skip reading my bible for months at a time or not go to church for years. I realize now that I was so far removed from Christ that the Holy Spirit had become almost silent inside of me. It wasn’t until I strengthened my relationship with Jesus that the Holy Spirit  started working on my indifference.  He wasn’t having any of it and made sure I was aware of it. 

Putting off my time with God was now a non-negotiable. The Holy Spirit’s job is to remind me that  I  should be nurturing a deep relationship with Jesus Chris every single day. 

Whining and moaning are prohibited.   


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