You’re In Good Hands

**I asked Landon to share his Sunday School lesson from this morning tonight**

Are you saved? How do you know? If you are, can you ever lose your salvation? These are questions I posed to my Sunday school class this morning. These are questions that we seldom discuss, but we all have, at one time or another, asked them, at least to ourselves.

So, what are the answers? Well let’s see what the Word tells us.

Take question one. Are you saved? Sounds easy doesn’t it? You say “well of course I am saved, I was Baptized, I got to church, I even teach Sunday school!” While these are all wonderful things to do and are certainly good for the soul, they do not and will not save you! So what does it mean to be saved? The Bible tells us that when you are saved you become a new creature of God. You are BORN-AGAIN!! That is being saved.

Now, question one and two go hand in hand. If you are saved, how will know? Well, simply look inward. Do you see a new you? Do you not do the things you once did? Does sin bother you? Is there love and forgiveness in your for those who have hurt you? The answer is simple. If we understand Romans 10:9 “ If you believe in your HEART, and CONFESS with thy tongue that Jesus died for you and was resurrected, you shall be SAVED.. “ Only you and God can truly know this.. Although everyone should know this by the fruit you produce!

What about losing this “salvation”? Can we become unsaved? Once saved always saved? Or fallen from Grace? The short answer is no. You can’t lose your salvation. God chose you, He called you, and you answered. You gave your heart to Him and you were a sinner and lost when this happened. If He gave you the Gift of salvation when you were an absolute mess, there is nothing you can do to veto His gift as one of His children.

You say “what about those who accept Christ and then years later, reject Him or “lose” their way? Well, as my pastor says, “you can’t lose what you never had”! He is right. If you are truly saved and you had a true conversion, you will not die in your sins. Think about the prodigal son here. Wayward, yes, prideful, yes, backslidden, yes, but never lost and came home.

Look at what John says: 1 John 2:19 (NASB95)
19 “They went out from us, but they were not really of us; for if they had been of us, they would have remained with us; but they went out, so that it would be shown that they all are not of us.”

So there you have it. Give your heart to the Lord and fear not! He has poured out His Grace and offered His son in your place, all you need to do is believe!!


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