Burnt Cookies

Psalm 127:3 Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward.

Making cookies at my house is kind of like a science experiment.  There is always the question of whether or not they are going to turn out to be edible. Usually they are not. I just don’t have the knack for this baking thing. I enjoy doing it, but it is truly (truly) not one of my gifts. The boys enjoy helping though and our baking nights have become one of our favorite traditions, even if we burn the entire batch or forget to add the vanilla (that was last night).

So even though the end result is not always a guaranteed win,  we still enjoy the process. The cracking of the eggs, and the stirring with the blender, and the spoon licking are all still very exciting to my boys. I hope when they grow up they will remember those times and not so much the hockey pucks that sometimes come out of our oven.

Parenthood is messy and complicated and dramatic and so very exhausting.Just like with baking cookies, we aren’t ever sure how our lives, or the lives of our precious babies, are going to turn out.  We might get some perfect batches and we also might get burned. God has control over all of that. But, what we can do is make sure to take in all of the beautiful small moments. The cracking eggs, the sipping milkshakes, the reading bedtime stories,  and the tickling bellies. We can take a step back from the messiness and enjoy the little things that make our children smile, that make them giggle, and that make them ours.

So yes we might have forgotten the vanilla last night, but I hope they won’t ever forget the memories.

***The cookies actually turned out OK last night- after we added a little bit of icing and sprinkles!***


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