Eli will more than likely cause all of the hairs on my head to turn gray before he reaches the age of 18. He’s just that wide-open, adrenaline pumping, let’s get this party started type of kid. I don’t know how he has managed to not break any bones in the 8 years he’s been alive (Thank you Lord). We joke that one day he’s either going to end up being in charge of a huge corporation or he’s going to be running a gang somewhere.  His leadership skills are pretty impressive.

Parenthood requires a whole lot of prayer and a gazillion doses of faith. I’m not sure how moms and dads can get through it without daily (multiple) conversations with God. Our children don’t always turn out as we expected and trusting God to lead them down the right path is sometimes hard when we are used to doing everything for our babies. We can try and be the perfect parents and pray for them, with them, and about them, but in the end- it’s out of our hands.

What we do have control over is how we, as their parents, live our lives on a daily basis.  They see our best and our worst selves. They hear our words  and they know what our priorities are. They are taking it all in. They see how we react when we are angry, when we are hurt, and when we are sad. They don’t miss a thing. Children are truly shaped and molded by the actions and behaviors of their parents.

Raising Eli requires a gazillion doses of faith and about a gazillion and one doses of prayer, but I can see glimmers of his own growing faith starting to shine through. Just the other day, he begged me to make him a prayer closet just like the one I had made for myself.  He was so excited to have somewhere to go to and talk with God.

He might not always be that excited to talk to God, but at least I know his parent’s  example is rubbing off on him. He knows that talking with Jesus is something to be taken seriously and though he might stray from that as he hits his  (I can’t even think about it) teenager years, I at least know his father and I have helped to set a foundation.

Don’t worry we have set some bad example along the way too. Eli screams just like me when he drops something and his room is just as messy as my own. I’m just hoping the good  examples will eventually outshine the bad.

Either way, I know I’m still going to have to stock up on hair dye.



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