Proverbs 31:28  “Her children arise and call her blessed.”

 I read this verse this morning and giggled because, lately, my children have been calling me a number of things and the word “blessed” has not been among them.  I am the mother of two very headstrong boys and boy, do they let me know when they are not happy with me.  Her children arise and call her “mean.” might be the more accurate saying right now in my life. 

They don’t want to do homework right after school. They don’t want to read.  They don’t want to put away their clothes. They want to have junk food instead of healthy food. They want to play electronics at all hours of the day.  These are the daily battles of our lives with our kids.  It’s like they wake up everyday thinking maybe, just this once, the rules won’t apply. They really are going to test us every single day.  

It’s ok though. While they may not like me in every moment of the day, I am confident I am laying down a strong foundation for my two stubborn boys. They will remember why I said no to certain things and made them do certain things.  I am confident when they are fathers of their own they will finally say “You know what? My Mom was right.”  


And they do like me in other parts of the day.  They like me when I read  to them. They like me when I sit outside and watch them play basketball (I’m not good enough to play with them.) They like when I tuck them in at night and give kisses and prayers.  When I tell them I’m so thankful God gave them to me. They like when I watch their favorite show with them.  These moments of the day, sprinkled in between my role as their “mean mom” make it all worth it.  

These moments make me realize just how blessed I truly am.  


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