**My husband is awesome. He took over my blog again tonight!**

The word guilty has negative connotations in our society. It is a word that no person on trial wants to hear. It is not a word that we associate with good things. In our court systems we are innocent until proven guilty and the burden of proof is the responsibility of the accuser.

Two thousands years ago a guilty verdict was handed down to an innocent man. There was a make shift trial and everyone involved was corrupt. There was no burden to prove. Guilty as charged was the verdict before this man ever faced this so called jury. And I am so glad HE accepted this verdict.
Jesus was innocent, yet He was guilty.He was a man with no sin. He was giver, a healer, a miracle worker but He was guilty. Guilty of what? He was guilty of being God’s only begotten son. He was guilty of loving us so much that He died for our guilt and sin. He was guilty of forgiving us and showing us how to love each other.
One thing that we must understand is that Jesus literally paid it all on Calvary. He paid my debt and yours. He was found guilty for everyone of us, those who sentenced Him to pay the ultimate price only fulfilled our Father’s will. From before the creation God knew He would send Jesus to save us and Jesus knew He would die for our guilt. What guilt? Every sin under the sun! And Jesus took the brunt full force of our sin on the tree of death.
But we know what happened. Jesus laid in the tomb, a dead Jesus I emphasize, but as HE promised, HE WALKED out of that tomb alive and well three days later. Our guilt and His Crucifixion could hold him there. Love and grace win. Death has no sting. Guilt is no longer in the equation for us if we so chose to love Jesus and pick up our cross and walk!!

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