Without Hesitation

Mark 10:50  Throwing his cloak aside, he jumped to his feet and came to Jesus.

The recent spell of warm weather has been rejuvenating to my spirits and warming to my soul. January and February have always been hard months for me; as they are for many. The coldness and the darkness can really bring a darkness to one’s spirits.  I am ready to be lifted out of this winter funk and  get my spring time on. Stepping outside today, and feeling the marvelous sunshine on my face, was a glorious experience.

It reminded me  of the pure joy I felt when I decided to finally wake up out of my lukewarm, all about me coma and start living my life for Jesus.

Does anything really compare to that feeling?  It truly is a healing of the soul. A waking up from the darkness. The blooming of a new flower.

Bartimaeus was a blind beggar who desperately wanted to see. When Jesus called to him, he threw his cloak to the side and jumped up to greet his Lord.


A cloak covers up the body, protecting it from the cold, the rain and the wind. Once he was called, Bartimaeus, a man who probably really needed that cloak, cast it aside.

Without hesitation.

Without regret.

There is no need for a cloak when we are about to begin walking in the light.





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