Second Place

1 Chronicles 16:9 Sing to him, sing praise to him; tell of all his wonderful acts.

I could tell it was a bad day. The moment Eli came through the door I knew. He had his little head down, shaking it in frustration. Eyebrows curled up. Bottom lip sticking out.

Yep, someone had a bad day.

After prodding him for a few minutes, he finally spit out the problem.

There was a race during PE class and he came in second. The winner? A girl! His good friend actually. But that didn’t make the loss any better.


If you know Eli, then you know his ego is just about as big as an ego can get. He thinks he is the fastest. The coolest. The cutest. The best. Sometimes we can’t fit in the same room with that ego. It’s out of control.

And what  really made his little (HUGE) ego even more bruised was the fact that he didn’t get congratulated for coming in second place. He just couldn’t believe the nerve of those kids. Of course, when asked if he congratulated the winner, he told me it must have slipped his mind.

I’m thankful for the moments when God decides to let the air out of Eli’s ego, even for just a little bit.

The deflation today was a reminder for myself as well.

There are times when my own ego needs to be kept in check by Our Savior.

As I  grow more spiritually, I am beginning to realize just how much I do things for my own glory.

Not for His glory.

Recently, even my prayer time has been filled with a lot of I’s. I need this, I will do this, I hope this. Instead of spending time being still with Him and thanking Him for all of my countless blessings, I have instead turned HIS time into “ME” time.

God wants us to bring Him our burdens, our problems, our fears.  But we must also remember to bring Him our praise. I have to remember to keep Jesus at my center and not myself. He is the reason for all of it. Our days should be spent glorifying Him as much as possible.

When I put ME first instead of HIM, I will always finish in second place.

And I intend to stay in first place, with my savior, winning every time.






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