The Blahs 

Sunday nights can be  the worst. Especially when it’s cold. When it still gets dark early. When waking up the next day means another day of run, run, run.

The Tucker family all gets a case of the blahs on Sunday evenings as we think about the upcoming week, not wanting the night to go by so fast.

We are aware of our countless blessings. We are all simply worn down and exhausted by the rat race.

How do we overcome  the dread that ensues as Sunday begins to come to an end?  How do we learn to look at the glass as half full and not empty and fruitless?

As always, time spent with Jesus can help change anyone’s outlook.  Time spent in His word can help to uplift our brooding souls and turn around our discouraged perspectives.

I was drawn to Colossians tonight as I pondered my “Eeyore like” attitude tonight.

Colossians 3:23 Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.  

A positive attitude towards work means we are doing His will. As Christians, we must be the utmost example of what it means to be a hard worker.  We should take it head on with a smile, working fervently and with an attitude that pleases Jesus.

So, as a good friend and Sister in Christ likes to remind me, I will put on my positive pants Sunday evenings (and Monday mornings) and take on the day with all of my heart. Not a little but. And not with a half glass empty attitude.

I will go ahead and leave my Eeyore pajamas at home.


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