3,2,1…. God

Psalm 89:8-9 Lord God All-Powerful, there is no one like you. You are strong, Lord, and always faithful. You rule the stormy sea. You can calm its angry waves.

My youngest child can be just a tad bit bossy. (I’m not really sure where he gets this from…..) Tonight, when he wanted something and I did not come to his beckon call immediately, he thought maybe trying the countdown method would work. At the top of his lungs, he screamed “3, 2, 1- MOM!!!” hoping I would jump up, rush to his side and fix the problem he needed to be fixed.

Do you ever find yourself doing this with God? Not wanting to wait one second longer for your problems to be fixed?  Why is He making you endure this trial? Why is He letting this suffering continue?

This storm needs to end immediately.

When it’s raining hard, it’s impossible to see what is ahead. All we can do is keep our heads down and push on. We can wish as hard as we can but we are never going to be able to make the rain stop.

There is only One who can do that.


Instead of telling God to do what I want immediately, I might instead try another countdown method “3,2,1 God!!!” can be replaced with “3,2,1,…God.”

An acknowledgment that my Savior is at work in my life and I will trust Him to carry me through.

He will get me through the storm.

On His time and not mine.

And it’s only after the storm has ended, and the sun begins to shine, do we see the beauty of God’s ways.

After all, a flower still needs the rain to bloom.


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