Be Still

The weather is always the one thing that can truly remind us how completely and totally dependent we are on our Father.  We can try and control every single aspect of our lives, right down to the friends we have, the jobs we do and the houses we own. Yet, in the end, if the storm is coming- it’s coming.

And we are all forced to do the same thing,  all at the exact same time.



Tonight, my sweet boy crawled into my lap as a terrible storm rolled through. Worried about our safety, he couldn’t help from being afraid. I leaned down and softly told him to  whisper Jesus’ name, over and over again.

Sometimes that’s all we can do.

Sometimes we are too scared to pray. Sometimes it takes everything we can to just barely whisper His name. Sometimes all we can do is cling to a cross around our  neck and hope He can hear our cries from the inside.

Thankfully, He can and He does. He already knows all of our biggest worries and our strongest fears.

Through our faith in Jesus, we can learn to not be afraid.   Just as Jesus calmed the winds, we can tell our own fears, and our own worries, to go ahead and be still.

He is there to stop any storm, big or small.

Even the winds and the waves will obey Him.

Psalm 107:29
He caused the storm to be still, So that the waves of the sea were hushed.




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