New Shoes

When Brady was three years old, he would put on his little gray tennis shoes,stand in front of the TV and wait  for his favorite show Blue’s Clues to come on. He could not start the show until both of his little Velcro sneakers were completely on. The main character wore shoes and Brady had to wear them too. For some reason, he felt like he needed to be “dressed for the part.”

It is one of my fondest memories of him as a young boy. His cute little curls bobbing along as he danced to the music, getting excited about the smallest things. He was so innocent and sweet. The world not much larger than his own living room and Blue’s Clues.

He’s ten years old now. Not my  baby faced toddler anymore. Growing up so fast and my heart breaking a little bit every day as I watch him transform into a young man.

Still, some things  have remained the same. He is a sweet soul and those beautiful curls still grace his head. He can be easily excited about little things, his face lighting up and his arms waving around, making his mother’s heart melt.

And he still likes to put those shoes on.

The shoes are bigger now. And they aren’t for watching Blue’s Clues anymore. Basketball is the new passion in Brady’s life and it’s not just the shoes he has to put on to play. Brady likes to dress the entire part now. This means, before he can even play a game, he must put on his jersey, shorts and his shoes. With his shoes on , he feels as if he is walking in the footsteps of his favorite basketball players.

The shoes in his life might not always be basketball shoes.  They will change again and again, as my oldest son also changes, and grows into the man God wants Him to be.

I pray Brady will one day desire to walk in someone else’s footsteps. Someone who wore sandals and not tennis shoes.

Someone  who didn’t wear any shoes at all when He went barefoot to Calvary, His bare feet  nailed to a cross for us.

I don’t just pray this for Brady, but I pray this for myself as well.

Maybe one day we will all desire to wear His shoes.

Maybe one day we will all long to walk in His footsteps.

Maybe one day we will all be willing to dress the part.

1 Peter 2:21 
To this you were called, because Christ suffered for you, leaving you an example, that you should follow in his steps.





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