***GUEST BLOGGER TONIGHT!*** My awesome husband is taking a turn!

We see the signs, we read them and we continue on our way. Yes, we see the the yellow light, the stop sign, the Do Not Enter, but these warnings are not what scare me, although I may need to rethink that!

I am speaking about the human instinct to NOT take responsibility for our sins and the danger that it leads to. Today my Sunday school lesson dealt with why we tend to do this and what we can do about it. I first want to say that I am the king of dishing out excuses for my lack of accountability of my own sin.  With that said, most of us, if we are being truthful, are in the same proverbial boat. It is easier to blame others or circumstances for our sinful behavior. We naturally think that we can hide our sin from God. Adam and Eve tried this and you know how that ended. It is the reason why we deal with sin today. So how do we recognize when this is happening?

First, when we sin, we always try to justify it or at least compare it to sins of others. We often claim that “If so and so hadn’t done this to me or that to me, then I would not have done this or that in return.” There it is, the DANGER sign!! We need to be truthful right then and there. We need to seek Jesus out and confess that once again we have fallen short. Trust me, HE already knows what we did! Secondly, if we understand that by us not taking responsibility we leave the door wide open for Satan to pounce on us. Yes, pounce like a lion in wait. He is a master at this game and he loves for us to make excuses and keep on sinning blindly.

What can you do? After all Romans says we all fall short and sin. True, but we also have the power of confession, repentance and forgiveness! We must confess, we must repent, and we must ask for forgiveness, plain and simple. When we sin, we commit a crime against our Savior, however, instead of death, He gives us life! He wants us to bring our shame to Him so He can fix it. Let Him be Him and let His glory, justice and love prevail. Yes, we will have consequences for our sins whether we confess them or not, He will see justice through even when we confess. But, if we confess and repent, He will clean your slate and not give us what we truly deserve.

Remember, being guilty is not a death sentence.

Not repenting is.

I hope you find this useful and the next time I am a special guest writer we will talk about wanting to be guilty, it ain’t all that bad, but you will have to tune in to understand what I mean!! Thanks!




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