Snow Days

The magic and excitement of a Snow Day can wear off quickly at my house. The young natives start to grow restless after a few hours. I only have so many tricks up my sleeves and after playing Monopoly, Hide and Go seek and charades with them, they are still BORED. Of course, the thought of curling up with a good book is pure torture to them. Watching a movie? Nope. Not fun. I don’t even suggest my favorite snow day activity-a nap. They would definitely look at me like I had two heads.

So they become whiny.


Absolutely infuriating.

Pretty soon their Snow Day excitement has melted away into all out arguments and frustrating fights.

I start thinking I am ready to go back to work.

I still love those two little bright eyed boys though. No matter how much they drive me crazy with their normal kid behavior, I will always love them with nothing less than a bursting heart. Even in the midst of the fists flying and the basketball crashing into the bookshelves.

I’m so glad Jesus still loves me with a full heart too. I know I can be whiny, grumpy and absolutely infuriating. I am selfish and I am incredibly stubborn.  I like to do what I want to do when I want do it.

He loves me just the same.

No, in fact, His heart is more than bursting.  He rejoices over us continuously. He loves us more than we will ever know. His heart is full of a love we can’t even physically comprehend.

Even when we feel like we are unlovable.

Even when we mess up over and over again.

Even when the entire world seems against us.

His love will never melt away.

Psalm 86:15 But you, O Lord, are a God merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness.



3 thoughts on “Snow Days

  1. Bored. What is it like, being bored? I must say I have never been bored. As a child there were too many things to do around the house in the way of chores that I got tired long before bored. I thank God that he gave me a creative mind and parents that allowed me to investigate my own thinking. Today, most youngsters have to be entertained and they never get to exercise their creative God given talents,skills creative minds. It seems that more and more folks have to be entertained these days. I see it as a teacher, I see it at work, at the church services, even at family gatherings and believe it or not, at funeral services.
    The old “baby boomers” may have failed at raising children to raise children. Our grandchildren are so spoiled, and fortunate, that they become “bored” with life.


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