Morning and Night

Brady and Eli love their special time with their Mama. Brady’s is always at night time. Right before bed, after a long day of busyness, he likes to wind down, shooting baskets in his room and having quiet conversations. I hang on to those moments with a fierceness like no other.  He is ten now and slowly, but surely, becoming a young man. Thankfully, he is still at the age where he wants to still talk to his mother.  Mom can sometimes give the right answer and make everything better.

Eli’s special time tends to be in the morning. He loves to interrupt my Bible time, flopping into my lap to snuggle and tell me about his big his plans for the day. Eli always has big plans.

These precious mornings and evenings are the times when I really get to know my children. I become their confident, their comforter and the keeper of their secrets.

I can’t always fix their problems. In fact, most of the time I won’t. But, I can see the relief wash over their faces once they have told me about their biggest fears or even their smallest worries.

Don’t you feel the same way when you talk to God? Before Eli crashes my early morning Bible time, I spend a few precious moments alone in the Word and alone in prayer. I can be worried about a million different things and then, in an instant, start to feel better.  Just like the few minutes my boys spend with me, my few minutes with Jesus can make everything seem brighter.

And in those few minutes with my two sleepy boys, when they are looking at me to wrap them up in her arms and take all of their troubles away, I try and point their tired eyes upwards.

There is only one Man who can ease all of their fears.  Only one man who can fix all of their problems.

They just have to know He’s there.

Waiting and ready to listen.

Morning or night.

Jeremiah 33:3 Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known.


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