Just As I Am

My friends and I always laugh that Eli, my over the top, life loving, never slows down youngest child has his own hashtag- #oheli. He is impulsive. He is stubborn. He is a nonstop ball of energy. I pray to Jesus daily to get him safely to adulthood.

He drives his older, more stable, brother Brady absolutely crazy. He drives his older brother’s friends even more crazy. Eli, in typical youngest child fashion, feels the need to get Brady’s friend’s attention any way possible (good, bad or ugly).

The end result? Well… usually Eli is banished from Brady’s room and told to leave him and his friend’s alone. The door is closed and locked.  Eli walks away defeated. Rejected. Heartbroken because he doesn’t belong.

Don’t we all feel like this sometimes? Wanting to fit in somewhere and not understanding why we don’t? Sometimes we will do just about anything to get through that door. To be accepted by others. To belong.

Thankfully, there is one door that is always open. One door that will never close. One marvelous door I can come to only having to be one thing. One beautiful, glorious, simple little thing.


Thank you Jesus for never turning my flawed, imperfect self away.

And just like the beautiful old hymn I sang this morning in church says, I will come to you.

Just as I am.

Matthew 11:28 
“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.








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