Brady and Eli love to tattle on each other.  While I do appreciate the moments when Brady informs me that his little brother is trying to cut open a cardboard box with a butcher knife or overflowing the bathtub, I don’t necessarily like when he tattles on his little brother for things I don’t really want to know about.

The other day, when Brady had ratted out his brother one too many times, I finally explained to him how he needed to start practicing some loyalty when it came to his little bro.  He only has one brother and his one brother needs to be able to trust his big brother.  If his brother was doing something reckless or harmful (this is quite often with Eli) to please tell me immediately.  However, if it is not, he would need to think twice about it.  Brothers should always be loyal and look out for one another.

After our talk,I started thinking about my own loyalties. Specifically, my loyalty towards Jesus.  Do I put Him first always?  Or do I sell him out when I need to? I know I have been guilty of the latter many, many times. Just like Peter, I can deny Him when I decide to put myself first. I can deny Him when I’m worried about what others will think.  I can deny him when I want to put the ways of this world above anything else.

I want to be a loyal friend, a loyal mother, a loyal sister, a loyal daughter  and a loyal wife.  These are all important roles in my life. Still, they are not the most important.  First and foremost, I want to be a loyal servant to Jesus.  Once I pledge  to serve Him with a constant and steadfast devotion, my loyalties towards my own loved ones will become even stronger.

After all,there  has only ever been one person whose loyalty we should never question. Only one  person who hung on a cross and gave His life for all of us.

He should never have to question ours.

Matthew 26:35. Peter said to him,”Even if I must die with you, I will not deny you!” And all the disciples said the same. 


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