Open Door

I was home sick today and this meant our sweet lab Trixie got to spend some special one on one time with her mommy. She is such a sweet snuggle puppy who constantly craves our attention.   When she comes inside she isn’t content just laying on the floor next to the couch. She wants to physically be  as close  to her mama or daddy as she can get. All sixty pounds of her sitting on our laps.

As she was cuddling with me this morning, and I was having trouble breathing, I thought about how she truly yearns for human  affection. She always wants to be petted or spoken to. She will stand  at our front door, pressing her wet nose against the glass, patiently waiting until we see her and let her inside.

Imagine how this world would be if we yearned for Jesus the way our dogs yearn for us? If all we ever did was think about how to get as close as possible to Jesus and crave His love more than anything else? This world would be transformed.

Do you know what is so beautiful  about Jesus?

We don’t even have to wait for Him to come to the front door. Instead, He’s patiently waiting for us.Yearning for us to come to Him and accept Him as our Savior. 

And His door is already open.

John 6:37 All those the Father gives me will come to me, and whoever comes to me I will never drive away.




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