Missing Socks

Where are our youngest son Eli’s socks disappearing to every single night?

He and his brother Brady both come home from school, put their stuff down, take their shoes off and then BAM!- Eli’s socks magically disappear. I can’t tell you the endless amounts of socks we have bought him.  We could have outfitted his entire class in socks twice by now.  Yet, on Sunday mornings, when I dump out all of my clean laundry to fold, we somehow only end up with a pitiful looking pile of one and a half socks.

Of course Brady’s socks never go missing. His socks are a reflection of him. Reliable. Responsible. They show up every Sunday morning together. His pile towering high, smirking over his carefree brother’s misfit socks.

The journey Eli’s socks take must be a quite exhilarating one at first. I’m sure it starts with a whirlwind party, being flung off of his smelly feet for a fast spin around the room. They sail through the air, finally being able to breath. Sadly though, I think they probably end up in some dusty corner or under a bed, all alone, out of reach, never to be matched with their other half again.

Until that one day, when I stumble across it by accident, while looking for something else entirely different.  Warily, I take it to the drawer of unmatchables, hoping against hope that I will find it’s other half. I sift through the socks slowly, checking ends and colors, and  finally.. I find it.  When I make that connection, it’s like a miracle has happened at Lawn Drive. A match has been found! A pair has been saved!

Ok it’s not really all that dramatic. At the end of the day they are just socks.

Isn’t it great though when you find something you have been missing? My favorite blazer was returned to me last week after being missing for over four months. I love that blazer. It’s my go to when I’m cold at work. Not too heavy, goes with everything. It felt like Christmas all over again when it was returned to me! I couldn’t get over the fact that I hadn’t lost it forever.

How excited do you think Jesus gets when we finally “find” Him? If I can get this excited over a missing sock or a lost blazer, I can imagine what He feels when we are finally connected with the one true missing piece.  When we stop swirling around in this world, running from one meaningless thing to the next. When we are ready to stop feeling all alone, wondering what else we need.

Jesus is the one piece who can fix everything. When we truly discover Him and accept Him into our hearts, making Him the center of our lives, we can finally find true contentment.

Finding Him is 100 million times better than finding every missing sock you’ve ever lost.

Jeremiah 29:13 ‘You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart.’



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