Dream Team

My boys love playing this basketball video game where they can form their own teams using the best NBA players from the past and present. They spend a lot of time creating these “dream teams,” debating who is the best 3 point shooter, the best point guard, the best overall. When they are finished, they have assembled an invincible team who would, in real life, be almost unstoppable.

Sadly, it’s only a video game. In reality we can’t form our own dream teams with the simple click of a button. God places people into our lives for certain reasons and we are allowed to choose what we do with these characters.

I made this point with my oldest son Brady when we were discussing a player on his basketball team. The other player has a little more experience than Brady on the court and, I have the feeling, they will both be competing for the same position on their team. My advice to Brady? Befriend him and see what he can teach you. When you meet someone with talent that’s admirable, the best possible thing you can do is try and learn from him or her.

Think about the people in your life who can help make you better. Whether it’s with your career, as a parent or, most importantly, as a Christian. Hold these people close.  Watch them. Learn from them. How do they handle this crazy thing called life?

Create your own personal dream team. Surround yourself with the best. Let them lift you up with their goodness, with their talent,with their passion.

And hit delete on the ones you wouldn’t place on your own roster. The ones who don’t lift you up but, instead, drag you right back on down to the gutter.  The ones who like to cause heartache, drama, stress. If you wouldn’t place them on your own imaginary dream team, then why have them in your life at all?

Don’t forget to leave number one on your list open too. That spot should already be taken.

He’s going to surpass everyone else every time.  He’s going to help make you the person you have always wanted to be. He’s your entire dream team all wrapped into one.

We just have to decide to choose Him first.

Jesus should always be your number one draft pick.

Job 34:4 “Let us choose for ourselves what is right; Let us know among ourselves what is good.





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