Picky Eaters

My oldest child is one of those picky eater type of kids.  He sticks to a few safe foods. Chicken nuggets (ahhhh), fruit, peanut butter… his diet is pretty plain. Boring. Bland. He’s not going to go outside of the box very often. He likes what he likes and that is it. I can even offer to pay him to try something and he won’t do it.

He’s not a risk taker.

Are you ever picky about who you share the gospel with? Do you take risks?  Or do you lose faith too quickly sometimes? Do you give up too soon?  Do you judge someone’s reaction before you even try? Maybe you think he or she will never even consider it because of their lifestyle? Because of their previous actions? Because of your perception of them?

Thankfully, Jesus is not picky. He doesn’t care what we have done in our past.  He doesn’t care if we make a million dollars or have a million problems. He’s not in it for just a few. He’s here for everyone, regardless of our past.

As Christians it’s our duty to spread His word.

Don’t be picky with the gospel.

Jesus isn’t a chicken nugget only kind of guy.

We don’t have to be either.

Psalms 96:3  “Declare His glory among the nations, His wonders among all peoples.”






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