Box of Crayons

This post makes me smile. I have the best job. My days are so full of brightness.

Dear Paige

This morning, a very precocious first grader at my school  spilled her box of crayons. The bottom of the box gave in and the crayons poured out all over her desk. Her teacher was giggling because after she spilled the pack, she carefully put them all back in, one at a time and then, of course, the crayons proceeded to spill out the other end of the box.

The little girl was so frustrated she tearfully told her teacher that this was a “catastrophe!”

Don’t you hate when you have a spilled box of crayons kind of day? You get the bottom knocked out from under you, carefully pick back up the pieces, and then watch them come out of the opposite side?

It can certainly feel like a catastrophe.

Aren’t those days just the worst?

I know when I have days like this I look around for something, or someone, to blame.

“She is…

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