It Does a Body Good

My boys, Brady and Eli, have enormous dreams. They both plan on playing some type of major league sport (basketball and football respectively) and hope to buy their mom a brand new house one day with all of their riches.

There is just one problem. They are a little short. Just a tad.

To rectify this, they like to drink a lot of milk. They know milk keeps you strong, helps you stay fit and… they are hoping (and praying) it helps you grow taller.

They know milk is vital in giving them the nourishment they need to one day win national titles and (for Eli) to even make the Olympic track team (I know..I know…they have big dreams).

They are learning pouring a glass of milk is a much better option than guzzling down a soda or juice box full of sugar. Empty calories are not going to help their bodies grow.

But even more important than helping their bodies grow is helping to keep their relationship with Jesus nourished.

Sure I have taught them how milk is a better option than soda, but what about teaching them that Jesus is a better option than anything else?

When my children see me worried or scared or upset they should see me reaching for Jesus first.  They should see me on my knees. They should see me in my Bible. They should see me fully relying on Jesus.

They may not ever make it to the big leagues. Their dreams and goals may fall short or turn into other  lofty ambitions, but if they become men who are walking hand in hand with Jesus, then they have already won the biggest trophy imaginable.

Because walking with Christ beats all of the other prizes.

John 6:35 Then Jesus declared, “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.


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