Honking Horns

Brady and Eli love when we pull up next to a tractor trailer driver in traffic. Giggling and waving, they will try and catch a driver’s attention and see if he will be persuaded to honk his horn. Many times, the driver will do a quick beep just for them. It’s become quite the game in our car.

The other day, while parked at a stoplight, Eli began waving at the driver of a large truck. Brady told him to stop because the truck driver probably would not honk his horn at a stop light. He wouldn’t want the person in front of him to think he was beeping at him and to be offended.

Have you ever stopped yourself from doing or saying something because you didn’t want to offend another person? Maybe you want to talk about your new job but not in front of someone who has just lost theirs. Or maybe you have lost twenty pounds but don’t want to hurt the feelings of someone who is still struggling with their weight. You wouldn’t want someone else to feel badly because of a struggle they may be going through.

But what if you hold back from saying something because it has to do with your faith? What if we stop ourselves from sharing our love of Christ because we are worried we will offend someone?

Through His Word, the Lord clearly tells us to spread our love of Jesus to all nations.

We can all do or say things that are offensive. We are humans. We can be vain. We can be selfish.  We can be jealous. Sometimes we say things to hurt others. I know I have. I am human.

We are all truck drivers with horns sometimes, beeping at people in front of us.

But your love for Jesus should never be offensive.

In fact, your love for Jesus should be the least offensive thing about you.

It’s a New Year. A fresh start. A time for beginnings.

Begin each morning with this one question on your mind.

“How can I share my love for Jesus today?”

Don’t be afraid to honk your horn for Jesus.

He is the only one we keep offending when we don’t honk.

Psalms 96:3 “Declare His glory among the nations, His wonders among all peoples.”

Happy New Year!




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