Laser Lights

We joined the laser Christmas light craze tonight and I could not be happier! Christmas lights are not my thing.  I even dislike putting them on my tree (hence the reason for having a pre-lit tree). So when my neighbor showed me how easy these lights were to set up, I had to find a set for my house ASAP.

My sweet boys were so excited to finally have a festive looking house. For years they have begged to have lights and reindeer and a Santa in the yard. Landon doesn’t do Christmas decorations either, therefore, our poor boys were out of luck.

Until tonight! We plugged it in and their eyes lit up like the lights that were flashing on the outside of our house.

Laser lights are my easy way to Holiday decorating success, but when it comes to drawing us closer to Jesus this December I know it’s going to take much more than just plugging in a switch.


What does it mean to be plugged into Jesus this season? What does it mean to be plugged into Jesus all of the time? How can we constantly keep Him at our center and not off to the side?

This morning I was in a tizzy, fearing I would be late for work, and I almost walked out without praying with my  husband. I actually snapped at him about it. Thankfully, I calmed down and we prayed before I left, but prayer is definitely one of those things we might push off to the side when we are so distracted by this world. Don’t do it! Spend time alone with Him each day! He deserves our full attention. If we can’t give it to Jesus then who can we give it to?

The same goes for reading His Word. Do you ever read your Bible sometimes and realize you haven’t really read it at all? Your mind starts wandering about what gifts you still need to buy or what your son said last night and then you are finished having no idea what you just read?

Or am I the only one that happens to?

I’m pretty sure I’m not- but you never know.

Make an effort to stay plugged in to the right things this year. Pray fervently. Read His word without distractions. When you feel yourself slipping away from Him, pull Him back! He wants to be with you always. We are the ones who constantly push Him away.

Laser lights are fabulous but Jesus is my constant light.

He makes everything easier.

I just have to stay plugged in.

If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.
John 15:7


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