My poor, sick little Eli was barely able to hold anything down today. He has a bad case of the stomach bug and was only able to eat a tiny bit of food throughout the day.   Tonight he asked for some Wonton soup from our favorite Chinese restaurant. He was so excited to eat it and grabbed the bowl way too fast causing it to spill all over his little legs. Thankfully, he had pants on, but he still managed to have a little bit of a burn on his legs.

I told him his legs would probably only hurt for a little while but the redness would still linger. He cried briefly but managed to sip the rest of his soup down.

These burns aren’t the worst types of burns though. We can move on from a pizza burn or from a Wonton soup burn, but what about a burn from someone we cared about? Are there scars still left behind that you just wish would go away?

We have all been burned throughout our life times. People hurt other people. We are all sinners, therefore there is going to be damage left behind. Scars still remain and from these scars we draw fear, mistrust, depression. Our scars can help shape who we are and how we live.

When Eli burned his legs tonight, I grabbed a towel, wet it with cold water and held it over his skin.

Jesus is the water we must use to help heal our own scars.

Isaiah tells us to joyously draw water from the springs of salvation. His water is medicinal. It’s meant to fix our scars while also giving us a new life. When we drink this water, we become healed. When we drink this water, we become whole.

We can try other medicines. We can try to numb the pain with material things, with other drugs, with accomplishments, with countless friends but we will still never be fully healed.

He is the only cure that has ever worked and the only cure that will continue to keep working.

We can draw from a well that will never run dry.






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