Puzzle Pieces

Tonight I’m reposting a favorite post from July! I hope everyone had a blessed holiday with family and friends!

Dear Paige

I am the type of person who loves to plan things out. To me, the planning part is more fun than the actual event itself.  I am also the type of person who wants all of my plans to go exactly how I envisioned them. Man, I can dream up some ideal scenarios in my head and then, when they don’t go like I had in mind, I can pout for days. As a teacher,  I am constantly planning for my students. It’s amazing though, how often the best lessons don’t come from my plan book. They come from something totally out of left field.

I really do think God laughs at us when we are making plans. Really,  I can picture him just sitting back and smiling.  Oh you think that’s the college you’re going to go to? Nope. Oh you think that’s the man you are going to marry? Not at all. Oh…

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