Childlike Faith

My oldest son is a worrier.He worries about being hurt. He worries about being robbed. He worries about being sick. He worries about anything you can imagine. He keeps a lot of his worries inside and doesn’t always share them. Instead, his anxiety comes out as anger because his sweet little brain can’t handle  the worry overload.

I have a hard time understanding his anxiety because Mommy is pretty much the exact opposite. (My husband says if he sees me actually worrying about something then something must really, really, be wrong!)  Unfortunately, my frustration level can rise  when Brady begins fretting because I have an inability to relate.

He is getting better though. His worrying is decreasing and, although I don’t think he can verbalize why yet, I truly believe it’s because he is starting to grow in his relationship with Jesus Christ.  He knows Jesus is there to take his worries and fears away.

Peter  tells us to cast all of our troubles onto God because He cares for us. We are His children. His pride. His creation. He is ready to take away our fears. I think what most children know, (and most adults don’t) is they don’t have to try and fix their own fears.  God is there to take them away. Adults, on the other hand, want to be in control. We want to find the answer ourselves. We want to have the power.

And in the meantime….God is sitting their waiting.

Patiently. While we run around in this world pretending to be in charge of our troubles.

Brady is just now learning to bring his worries to Jesus. I pray his desire to give it all over to Him stays this way. Even as he becomes older, and this world hardens him, I pray his faith remains anchored in Jesus.

Watching  our children’s pure devotion to the Lord is something that can simply take your breath away.  Imagine what we could do in this world if we had that same childlike faith?

We could move mountains.

Leave your fears with Jesus. Have faith in His plans for you.

He’s got it.

1 Peter 5:7 Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.



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