Pearl Necklace

It was so fitting this afternoon, when I came home from yet another day of running around, that my favorite pearl necklace broke into a gazillion pieces. It’s not a real pearl necklace, but still one that I wore quite often. There were literally  pearls everywhere. On the floor, on the counter, in my clothes, everywhere I turned was another pearl.

I have felt like that pearl necklace this week. Overloaded with work and school and other obligations, I feel like I have reached that breaking point.

I know I need to slow down. I know I am faltering and putting too many other things above Jesus right now. Work is not as important. School is not as important. Yet it seems they are taking top priority  in my life and the pressure is beginning to get to me.

Thankfully though, everywhere I turn there is another pearl.  A husband to make me smile,  sweet little boys to give me hugs, family members who offer constant support, friends who make me laugh, a job that I love.

And most importantly, a God who loves me.

My life is filled with pearls.

I ended up throwing the pearls from my necklace away tonight. Too many had rolled away from me. But that’s OK, I am blessed to carry so many more around in my heart.

And these I won’t lose down the air conditioning vent.

1 Peter 4:8 
 Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.


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