I made it! Tonight marks my 100th post! It might not seem like a big deal but it is a big deal to me. I have a hard time sticking with things sometimes. My ADD starts to kick in and I can easily  get distracted or busy with other things.

I started the blog to share with others how I was growing with Jesus Christ. I never imagined it would help me to grow even more with Him.  Writing has always been therapeutic for me but nothing beats writing about our savior.

I mentioned yesterday that I have a hard time verbally sharing about Jesus. When I started the blog I thought this would be the perfect way to express how I was feeling. Maybe there was a part of me who thought this was an easy way out.  Instead of having to talk about Jesus to others, I would write about Him instead.

Well, as we know, God can have other plans.

I didn’t think writing my blog would actually lead me to carry on more verbal conversations about Christ. Precious, sincere conversations that I keep tucked inside my heart. Conversations that may have never happened before I started writing about Him.

I’m grateful to anyone who spends a few minutes reading my words. I’m grateful for the hallway discussions that sometimes follow the next day at work. I’m grateful for the texts or emails from friends after they have read something they can relate to. Encouragement goes along way when you are putting yourself out there.

And thankfully, God always seems to know the right time to send it.

Thank you.


2 thoughts on “100th

  1. 100 . . . WOW!!! Thank you for bringing us along on your spiritual journey each and every day. This is a true testament to your faith and devotion!


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