Lighter Load

Last week I bought a new purse to take on my weekend to NYC.  It is much smaller than the usual bag I tote around which has half of my life in it. The problem is, my usual tote is also full of junk. I promise I clean it out on a regular basis. Well- somewhat regularly.  Yet it always ends up being weighed down with trash. Old mail, coupons, half opened water bottles and granola bars. I always joke if I am ever stranded I could live off of whatever is in my purse for at least a few days.

Yesterday morning, I started to switch the things out of my little purse back to my bigger bag. I stopped midway at the thought of toting around such a heavy bag. I decided to keep my bare necessities (keys, wallet, phone, lip gloss) in my small bag and left my  big bag  on the counter.

Oh it feels so nice to not have to tote that big thing around. So nice to get rid of the extra garbage and baggage that’s been weighing me down.

Sometimes I feel like I need to do the same thing with my life. Just get rid of all of the things that are weighing me down. Dump the heavy load and  move towards a more simpler way of living. Whether it’s too many commitments (I can picture my husband nodding his head as he reads this), too much technology or just too much worrying about what this world thinks, it would feel good to take off all of the excess baggage and  just breathe.

Thankfully God provides phenomenal resources to us help  sort through the garbage. Real time spent in the Word and in prayer can start to change how you look at all of the things you have in life. Things you treasure now might eventually be tossed over into the trash category as you begin to mature more in your walk with Jesus.

The more I look towards Jesus, the lighter I feel. Jesus is waiting, ready to lift me up, not hold me down by the ways of this world. He knows what is best for me. He knows what I should throw out and what I should keep. It’s just up to me to start listening.

Jesus isn’t going to let us haul around a bag of garbage for too long.

He’s ready to give us a bag full of grace instead.

Psalm 145:14 The LORD sustains all who fall And raises up all who are bowed down.


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