A Magical Treasure Box

This afternoon I was fortunate enough to witness over 50 children receive Bibles through the Good News Club, an after school program my church is blessed to be helping support.

Not only did I witness over 50 Bibles being handed out, I witnessed the pure joy of the children who squealed with excitement over their new Bibles. They hugged them. They opened them right away. They held onto them very carefully, as if they were fragile and might break at any moment.

For some of these children, this was the first Bible they had ever held in their tiny  hands. I hope it’s something they will never forget.  I still remember the first Bible ever given to me. To my four year old self, it was huge. I could barely carry it. It is one of my first memories and it is one of my most treasured. I remember struggling to lift it as I walked out to meet my mother. The hall stretched on forever and I was terrified of dropping this most precious gift my teacher had just given me.

That Bible, given to me 31 years ago, has somehow made it through many, many seasons of my life. I still have it today.  When that Bible was handed to me it became a planted seed. I began to realize how important God was and how important His book was. Even though it took me many (many) years to truly sit down and open up the Lord’s word, I begin, at that moment, to realize how important His word really was.

I hope there were some seeds planted today. I hope there are Bibles sitting beside beds tonight. Carefully placed on a table, like a magical treasure box.   Maybe they are not being opened yet. Maybe it will be years before God’s word is even read.

But they are still there. His word. His seed.

Ready  to sprout at anytime.


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