My husband went to bed before me tonight. He, unlike his night owl wife, is the early sleeper in our family. Lately, when the house is quiet, after he and the boys have gone to sleep, and I am up reading or pounding away at this I keyboard, I have been getting this nagging feeling. It’s starting to get louder too. Every night. I can’t shake it. It’s this voice that keeps telling me how I have gone an entire day, yet again,  and I haven’t really seen my husband.  Sure, he came home from work, we talked about our days, we ate dinner, watched a little TV, discussed the boys. I did physically see him today. But even still,  this voice keeps going on,  telling me how I might have looked towards or glanced at my husband today,  but I didn’t really see my husband today.

I need to start seeing my husband again.

And my husband is pretty awesome in case you didn’t know. He comes home from work and cooks dinner almost every night. He helps with homework, baths, takes the boys outside to shoot bows and do all sorts of manly things. He is the spiritual leader of our family. He is a man of few needs. It doesn’t take much to make him happy. Give him the woods or the river or his family (not sure that’s in the right order) and he’s good.

He does like for his wife to see him though.

To take even just a minute out of her day to see him, really see him and tell him just how amazing he is.

I make sure I spend time “seeing” my boys every day. Tonight, Brady and I ended up on the kitchen floor for some reason, laughing and joking about something I can’t even remember. I do remember his smile though and his giggling. I saw him today.

Eli hugged me about a million times today. He was home sick and enjoyed Mommy waiting on him hand and foot. He filled the bathtub up with too many bubbles and made me watch TV with him for hours.  He put his head in my lap and his big blue eyes just stared up at me.  Just like when he was a baby. I saw him today.

Life gets so preoccupied with other things- the kids, their homework, school, work  and a gazillion other tasks (most that aren’t even that important) and when Landon comes home, I might ask him how his day was but sometimes, I think, I am not even looking at him.

He would say the same to me too. We just get so wrapped up in ourselves sometimes. In the “busyness” of life.

Think for a second about how Jesus sees us. Do you think for one instant He lets other things distract Him from truly seeing us? And obviously, there’s a lot more on His plate.

He has the whole world in His hands.

What do we have in ours? An Iphone?

Spend time truly seeing your significant other today. Spend time truly seeing anyone who is important to you.

Look at these people as Jesus looks at us.

As precious gifts from our Lord.

Gifts that cannot be replaced.


3 thoughts on “Seeing

  1. our lives are busy, mostly it’s self inflicted but I always know i can cunt on seeing your smile, just as I know Jesus smiles on us …Love you!


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