Slow Motion

The boys have discovered the slow motion video feature on my I phone. I have to admit it’s been pretty entertaining. From fake fight scenes to super slow dance offs, we have been having a pretty good time being in slow motion mode.

Sometimes I want life to always be in slow motion mode. I want my boys to stay little and love me more than any other woman in this world. I want them to always want to cuddle and kiss me and tell me I’m the best mommy ever. I want my Sundays to last just a little bit longer.

But most of the time, I’m ready to hit fast forward. The nights I have class. The weeks that seem like they will never end.  Days when  my house is entirely covered in Lego sets and half eaten bags of chips, I want to press the speed up button.

Learning to just live in the moment is hard for me. I don’t always appreciate what is happening right then at that very moment. I’m usually too caught up in non-real problems. Too caught up in my schedule or my busyness to appreciate everything else going on around me.

This morning, as I was rushing around at work, I spied a sweet, little girl walking down the hallway. When she saw me, she gave me the biggest smile I have ever seen. It melted my heart. I took just a moment to appreciate it. To let it sink in.

To slow down.

Brady asked me to tuck him in not once, but four times tonight. Each time I would get up to walk him back to his bed, he would wrap his arms around my waste and lay his adorable head full of curls on me. Hugging his mom in his sweet little boy way. I was tired and was probably not as gracious as I could have been by the fourth time.

Slow it down Paige. He’s ten. He won’t be asking you to tuck him in for much longer.

Take it all in. Don’t wish for tomorrow. Be thankful for each and every second. And when you do choose to slow down,  thank God for each and every one of the moments He has given you.

Remember, His plan for your life doesn’t have a fast forward button.


2 thoughts on “Slow Motion

  1. Thanks for taking time to write and share your experiences Paige. I may not always reply, but I do read them everyday and they always make me think. You are awesome!!


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