How Sweet the Sound

Brady was humming Amazing Grace while he was in school today. Sweet right?   It is precious for my sweet boy to be thinking about Jesus, even while he is at school.  What makes this story sad though is when he realized he was humming Amazing Grace, he stopped.  He stopped humming it because he thought he was going to get in trouble for singing a “Christian song” at a public school.

Brady is ten years old. Not yet old enough  to fully grasp all of the hardships currently happening  in this world, but  old enough to worry about being punished for singing a song about Jesus during the school day.

I worry he will soon not want to share about Jesus at all, for fear of getting in trouble.

I worry he will become embarrassed about sharing his love for Jesus, for fear of being made fun of.

Aren’t grown ups are the same way? How many of us really wear our love for Jesus on our sleeve? Aren’t we almost apologetic about it sometimes?  How many times do we shrink back and not say anything about Jesus for fear of getting in trouble or being made fun of?

I know I have. I know I do.

I do this because I’m still of this world, worried about what this world thinks of me.

Brady is ten. He is watching what I do. If he sees me shrinking back then he’s going to shrink back too.

Jesus died for us. He didn’t die for my child to be afraid to praise him. For my child to be ashamed of loving Him out in the open.

I want Brady to hear me singing Amazing Grace as loudly as I can, in front of as many people as possible. I want him to hear me sharing my love for Jesus to everyone who is willing to hear it.

Although if you have heard me sing, I have a feeling he might be more embarrassed about the sounds of my singing.  How sweet the sound…or not… I still want to praise him as loudly as possible.


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