The cooks in the back kitchen of the restaurant where I worked in college used to call me “Smiley.” They always laughed at me because as soon as I would go out onto the floor of the restaurant,  I would start smiling.  I never stopped. Nothing could wipe that grin off my face as I waited on customers. My smiling served me well too. I received a good amount of tips off of those smiles.

What amused the cooks the most though, was when I would reenter the kitchen. The smile seemed to leave my face almost immediately as I concentrated on putting orders into the computer or getting drinks. The cooks would laugh at how I was always smiling out on the floor, for the public, and then I was all business  in the back kitchen.

Sometimes I still feel like that 18 year old waitress.  I spend a lot of time smiling throughout my day. After all, I do have a lot to smile about. It’s not a fake smile by any means. I love being around people.  Sometimes though, when I’m alone,  I do feel like the smile fades almost too suddenly. When I’m alone, I worry more. I start fretting about how I’m going to fix this or do this. Who needs this? Or did I forget that?  It is kind of like being in the back kitchen of a restaurant. I start thinking about all that is on my plate. How much I need to carry. My tray is only so big.

Thankfully,  I don’t have to carry that big tray all by myself. No matter how many plates and cups I have stacked on it. No matter how many times I trip and spill it (Yes did that a few times too). There is always someone there to help me, to hold it, to steady me and to pick it back up.

When I think of all that He does for me, it’s hard not to smile. He gives me the purest type of joy I will ever know.

A joy so powerful that I can’t help but feel the corners of my mouth start to move.

His joy has me grinning from ear to ear.

Job 9:27 If I say, ‘I will forget my complaint, I will change my expression, and smile,’


2 thoughts on “Smile

  1. I too feel the same when alone, I have learned that God made us to be social, not lone wolves. When I am around saints my negative thoughts and worries fly away.


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