Playing Pretend

I am writing this post as my two boys play imaginary games at the foot of my bed. They are hopping around, pretending to be wolves and deer and hunters and ,I quote, “an 8 point Elk.” They drive me bananas with their yelling and jumping, but they melt my heart with their creativeness. To them, playing pretend is a great way to escape from the pressures of school and homework. They are just having fun.

How often throughout our days do we wish we could play pretend? Pretend we are rich? Pretend we are famous? Pretend we never have to work again? Sometimes on date nights, Landon and I will pretend we have won the lottery.  We list out all of the things we would buy and where we would move. It’s a fun game but it is, just like my boys play, only a game.

Thankfully, I know  with Jesus there is no pretending.  He is real. His love his real. His power is real.

I can pretend to be the world’s most famous, most wealthiest person. I can have houses galore. I can be known on every corner of this planet.   It’s still not going to give me the same amount of joy that loving and knowing Jesus gives me.

God created us to live. Not to pretend. He created us to live in the ways of Christ. Can you imagine Jesus sitting around talking about “What if I had this? Or what if I had that?”

Jesus had everything He needed, and through Jesus, we have everything we need.

He is always enough.


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