The Wrong Lunch

Last Thursday was one of those mornings. I was rushing to get out of the door and I ended up grabbing the wrong lunch.  When I got to school, I noticed a peculiar smell.  Opening the bag, I discovered a banana peel, a few candy wrappers and some coffee grounds. Turns out I grabbed a bag full of trash instead of my usual peanut butter and jelly.

How often do we grab a bag full of trash instead of the nourishment we really need? I do it all of the time. When I have had a long day packed to the brim of work and family and school, all I  want to do is become “brain numb.”

I don’t want to think about anything.

Right now, I have three Christian books sitting on my nightstand. When I go to bed at night, instead of reaching for one of those books, I reach for my tablet to watch The Office reruns.

And what happens? I stay up too late. I wake up too tired. I wake up too grumpy.

I am not starting my day off on the right foot.

I need to stop reaching for the garbage and instead, grab what I really need.

This is true in other areas of my life as well. When I have a problem, I need to stop reaching for my phone to text a whole slew of people for advice.  I am not reaching for the real nourishment.

My Bible.

I don’t need to listen to twenty different opinions about what I should do.  I need to read and listen and reflect on His Word.

This world is full of garbage. We fill ourselves with it all of the time. For some reason we have this desire to reach for that instead of for Him. Why do we do that?

He is all we need.

I’m ready for the real food.  After all, I’m not meant to live on bread alone.

Time for a new meal.

John 6:35  Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in me shall never thirst.


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