The Road to Damascus

*I tried to get my husband to be a guest blogger tonight but he wouldn’t do it! I wanted him to write this post because I am basically stealing his Sunday School lesson from this morning! ;)*

For me, Paul’s transformation from the sinner Saul into the Apostle Paul, may be one of the most important stories in the entire bible. After all, haven’t we all been Sauls? Aren’t we still Sauls sometimes? How many times have we denied Jesus? How many times have we not believed in His power? In His strength? In His glory?

Saul made it his life’s mission to destroy the church. To destroy the new sect of Jesus followers. He wanted to do away with every single one of these new believers. These actions led him onto a certain road one day. A road headed for Damascus.

He would never be the same.

Saul was headed into Syria to find more followers of Jesus. He didn’t expect to embark on a journey that would change his entire course in life. When Saul saw the light (literally, the road was filled with a magnificent light) there was no turning back.

He was in.

Saul went from a life of luxury and high regard to one of incredible hardship as Paul.  Helping to build God’s church was not an easy task, especially for a former Jewish man who persecuted the people he now looked upon as brothers and sisters.

But he was in.

Are you ever just going about your daily life, full of busyness and meaningless tasks and then, all of a sudden, something happens to you and you realize you have been heading down the wrong path? Is it the light of Jesus? Perhaps it’s His voice telling you to change lanes?

What road are you on right now? Are you headed for Damascus or are you turning around? Are there sins you are battling that have you pointed in the wrong direction?

Maybe you don’t even realize they are sins.

I went through life for years believing if I was a good person, then I was OK with God.  I did my own thing. Lived my own way. Finally, one day I realized my one way road was never going to lead me anywhere. I needed to make a U turn. Fast.

Recommitting my life to Jesus meant more than just saying I knew who He was. It meant more than just saying I talked to Jesus occasionally. It meant fully giving my life over to Him. It meant having a real relationship with the Lord. Not just one that was convenient for me.

Think about what direction you are going. Where are you headed on your road? If it’s not right into the arms of Jesus, then you’re going the wrong way.

I’m so glad I got off of that road. I’m so glad I made that U-turn. I will swerve every now and then and even take a few wrong exits, but I have my heart and my mind fixed on the right place. Jesus is always going to reroute me back to Him.

I’m so grateful I got off of that road. I’m so glad I made that U-turn.

You can do it too.

There are plenty of lanes on His road.

And they are endless and eternal.

Acts 9:3 And as he journeyed, he came near Damascus: and suddenly there shined round about him a light from heaven:


One thought on “The Road to Damascus

  1. everyone is on the road to Damascus , question is, what will you when the lord knocks you to the ground? look up and ask if it is Lord? or just ignore it and continue on your own mission to destroy yourself and others?


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