Bizarro World

It was one of those afternoons. My day had gone fairly well and I couldn’t wait to get home and spend time with my boys, snuggling and just relaxing.

It always sounds nice in my head.

I forget they are tired and grumpy little men when they get home.

I also forget about the most fun part of their day.

Homework Time.

As a former teacher, I apologize to all of the parents who used to complain about homework to me. I am sincerely sorry.  I am the parent of a fourth grader now and it’s just gotten real at the Tucker Household.

Landon was having a rare (peaceful) afternoon in the woods and so I was on solo duty tonight. What do you do as a parent when your child takes out his homework and immediately turns into some Bizarro World version of himself? He is ten years old but I promise, he was doing a great impersonation of a 3 year old at that very moment.


It was a rough night.

At the evening’s lowest point, when I was tired of the threats (me) and the stomping(him) and the yelling(both), I decided it was time to put Mom into Time Out. I told Brady to go lay down and rest and I did the same. I was so over my evening and  there was only one person I could talk to.

As I lay down on my bed, frustrated and tired and grumpy, feeling guilty about having my own Mommy tantrum, I decided I needed to just give it all over to God. That’s easier said than done sometimes. It really helps when I actually hand my troubles over to Him and say them aloud.

My bad mood- “Here take it.”

My guilt- “There you go.”

My frustration- “You still have room?”

When I physically do these motions, I can practically feel Him  lifting the weight off of my shoulders.  He covers me with his peace and calmness. He understands my troubles. I can breathe again

Sometimes, a little Time Out for both Mom and son is needed. We both felt better afterwards.  I even joked about him being Bizarro Brady from Bizarro World. The polar opposite of my sweet, kind son.  He called me Bizarro Mommy back.

I would have to agree we both acted in non-charming ways tonight.

Thankfully, Jesus knows both sides of us.

Guess what? He still loves us.  Bizarro self and all.

That’s how simply astonishing He is.

There is no problem He can’t bear.

Even fourth grade math homework.


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